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The Spirit of Science –
The Energy for Leadership

With science in the genes for the needs of industrial companies. Functionality is at the heart of this unique model, which overcomes existing boundaries between science and business, theory and practice, research and application. The dynamics of new ways of thinking inspire scientists as well as practitioners to innovative solutions.

40 Years of
Innovation Culture

Already in 1980 the Forschungsgesellschaft Umformtechnik mbH was founded by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr. h.c. Kurt Lange – as an engineering partner for industrial companies with issues relating to metal forming technology. The close contacts to users on the one hand create the best conditions for the further development of current research results close to industry, while at the same time the needs of the companies generate important impulses for new research approaches.

The intensive cooperation and networking with the Institute for Metal Forming Technology at the University of Stuttgart under the direction of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr. h.c. Mathias Liewald MBA, is still unique today. Within the framework of research cooperations, working groups and project assignments, scientific research can be transferred into industrial practice. This is exactly what creates the advantage and success for our customers.


Only the will to go one step further and the conviction that more than what has been achieved so far is possible can turn a vision into reality. This is exactly what distinguishes our team:


With our services, we support metalworking companies with special requests as well as companies whose core business is different but who are facing a forming challenge. Our partners are classical small and medium-sized companies as well as large corporations.


Sometimes clear words say more

Customer satisfaction at the highest level – that is our claim

General Contractor –
Complete Solution from One Source

Our holistic approach and the direct proximity to research and science are the requirements for a unique form of cooperation: We offer you the complete solution for every type of forming application throughout the entire process – from process analysis and material characterization to series production readiness!

With access to extensive modern equipment, our wide-ranging know-how and many years of experience in the fields of material characterization, forming simulation, shearing and modern forming processes, we develop the optimum solution for every requirement. In close cooperation with selected partners, we develop and design tools and prototypes.
Even in complex processes, we remain the responsible contact partner for you in the form of a general contractor.

Technical Manager

Tel: +49 711 229 324 0


With the ambition to help shape progress, we offer a wide range of services in all areas of metal forming technology, always state-of-the-art.
The access to the extensive equipment is unique, modern software programmes are self-evident and individual customization is our particular strength. With our experience and competent partners, we are able to offer you a complete package from one source. Of course, we also support you with individual solutions for your projects.

Consulting with an Eye
for Correlations

Valuable experience from sheet and bulk metal forming also flows into our consulting services. In many cases, the focus is on strategic issues within the company in order to fully exploit its own potential.
These are in particular:

Deputy Technical Director,
Order and Project Management


Tel.: +49 711 229 324 16


Access to research also puts us ahead when it comes to developing innovative products. This enables us to incorporate the latest IFU research results directly into our product development and to utilize the state-of-the-art for concrete applications with our industrial partners.

In metal forming technology, tribology plays an important role, since relative movement between workpiece, lubrication and tool occurs during the forming process. Detailed knowledge of the tribological system is required for both the simulative component design and the subsequent production process in order to achieve the desired quality and robustness. However, the design of components is usually based on highly simplified models in order to avoid the high testing costs associated with expensive, large, slow and immobile test benches.

SMARTµ is an innovative friction measurement device developed by FGU combining a well-known test arrangement with current technology and a new calculation principle. Acceleration measurements, which are recorded when slipping over an inclined plane, form the basis for determining the coefficients of friction – speed and surface pressure are decisive. This reduces the experimental effort to a minimum and eliminates the need for large, expensive test facilities. SMARTµ is also characterized by its innovative, wireless operation: The instructions are given step by step via app in order to determine coefficients of friction in a quick, simple and mobile way.

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Susceptibility to process disturbances is one of the major challenges in deep drawing, especially with more complex geometries. Besides the difficulty of a small process window for tool tryout, fluctuations in the material properties of the sheet material used often lead to process deviations and result in high rejects. With the aim of compensating for such fluctuations, there are some approaches to process control which, however, all do not intervene in the forming process itself during a press stroke. Thus, a component being processed always runs the risk of exceeding the tolerated values and showing component faults such as tears, wrinkles or surface defects.

In this context and with the knowledge of the problems in practice, the Forschungsgesellschaft Umformtechnik is developing a new, innovative approach for closed-loop control in direct cooperation with the Institute for Metal Forming Technology at the University of Stuttgart. The uniqueness of this product innovation consists in the fact that the material flow of the sheet metal or the blank feed can be directly influenced. Here, the innovation is that for the first time, the controlled variable is not the blank feed, but is defined via sensor signals measured directly in the component area. Closed-loop control is made possible by a variable force shunt that ensures controllable surface pressure between component and die during the press stroke. As a result of this direct intervention during the press stroke, the process is more robust, rejects are lower and component quality is higher than previously possible.

Apart from that, the innovative control system is to be distinguished by a further feature for practical application: As a modular system that can be integrated into existing processes and tools, the process control system offers enormous optimization potential in order to increase sustainable production and thus profitability.

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As a partner for industrial companies, the Forschungsgesellschaft Umformtechnik offers the FormImpulse® seminar series, a complete training programme for quick introduction, a good overview of metal forming technology and the deepening of expert knowledge. However, the holistic approach goes beyond this: with training seminars and coaching in interdisciplinary areas, competence on three pillars is demonstrated in the training measures:


Strong with Strong Partners

The Forschungsgesellschaft Umformtechnik, with its unique proximity to the university institute, aims to help shape the market and the future when it comes to challenges in metal forming technology. In doing so, we have recognized that in cooperation with selected partners and their competencies, we can increase the level of performance and also the range of services for our customers. 

With great respect for the know-how, expertise and quality of our partners, we are able to offer complete solutions even for complex requirements. Fair dealing, openness to new impulses and a passion for new paths are the requirements for this type of cooperation.
This is a great benefit to us and, of course, above all to our customers.

Our trusted partners:



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